Thursday, May 12, 2005

Welcome Home party

Well the first drill weekend is upon me.  This is supposed to be our welcome home drill weekend.  Strangely though no one has been notified until Wednesday of this week, and only the wives were notified by the ombudsman…hmm…should I wear desert or woodland uniform this weekend?  Oh well it doesn’t really matter I’m still going to get paid. 

I’ve been at work now for about 2 weeks which is great.  My wife likes the fact that I am back doing something now other than messing up her house :)  I love spending time with Shanon and Lauren when I come home from work.  I love sleeping on the train on the way home and not having to worry about abdar and his band of murderous thugs  trying to make me die an infidel’s death.  I love being able to walk downtown chicago and see the sights.  It troubles me that very few people have a concept of how big the world is, or just really how big a sacrafice a reservist makes.  People are clueless.

They had a nice reception here for me at the office and decorated my new cube, which was very thoughtful.  All in all I enjoy being back to normal life…Good Luck CHARLIE