Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Small Things In Life

Here is one of the blogs that I frequently visit. American Soldier has hit it on the head as far as what makes you happy in life. He's also going through a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

American Soldier

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

NCO Class update

Hello Everyone

I finished the Army PRE-PLDC NCO Class on Friday. We graduated, and I graduated second in the class. The SGT that was honor graduate earned it well. The Army is a different beast than the Navy and after seeing the class I am proud of the naval heritage and history that I am a part of. I am sure the Army feels the same way about their service as well. The Army does their job efficiently and effectively and this was shown throughout the class. The Army expects a great deal from its Junior NCO's and trains them well on how to be great leaders. I enjoyed the PT formation and Drill and Ceremony (DNC) training as well as the Land Navigation course. The stuff in the middle, PowerPoint presentations on EO, and Sexual Harassment etc, are the same for each branch so those were kind of boring. I enjoyed making new friends in the Army and hope to keep in touch with them in the future.

Living at Arifjan however for the week is something that I know I can do without. That place is a dump, and has no character whatsoever. Yeah they have a bigger exchange and wireless internet from AAFES, but gaining access to all those services is like drinking a thick milkshake from a straw...pointless. The tents were dumpy and old, plenty of profane graffiti in the bathrooms that one could deal without. I'll take Camp Patriot over Arifjan any day of the week.

We got our lockers while I was out, so I am trying to put everything I can in there so I can clean up my space and make it spacious is kind of crowded right now. I no longer have the use of a digital camera so I won't be able to post pictures unless I borrow someone else's or get another one. If anyone finds a DC290 on eBay for cheap...that would make an nice early Birthday present :)

I am trying to get some packages out to people at Aon and family and friends around here, and some letters too. Bear with me I'm not the best at navigating communication means other than email or IM or the phone :)

Take care,

NAVELSF FWD Bravo Sailors Return Home

Hey everyone,

Guess what!!! No its not me. No we aren't home, but the Fuels and Mail component of FWD Bravo have made it home :) , :( . We're grateful for all the hard work they've done and the fact that they have returned home safely. We await our turn...hopefully they'll write an article for us :)

NAVELSF FWD Bravo Sailors Return Home

Monday, January 17, 2005

Army NCO Class

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for not updating in a while, but I wanted to let you all know
that I was selected as the NAVELSF FWD Bravo Blue Jacket of the
Quarter or BJOQ. Also another petty officer and I are attending a PRE
PLDC Leadership course for the Army. It is the first time Navy
personnel have attended this class so they are looking for us to do
well. It is interesting to say the least, and there has been a lot of
comparison discussion between Army does this, Navy does that type of
thing. I hope all are well. Internet access, and phone access are
severely limited due to where I am at now. I will try to keep the
blog updated as to our progress :)

Take Care

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Rat...and a day off

Hey everyone,

Last night, well early this morning, we had a BFR in our tent (big freaking rat). One of the tentmates said he was surfing the internet, and then this rat walked up along side his bed and stared at him. He then ran off. So we spent the better part of an hour looking for this rat, and assumed he ran out the tent, which he did. I go outside to head to the bathroom and walked a few feet from the tent, only to hear him (the rat) running across the gravel at full tilt towards our tent. He ran inside and I followed after him. We never did see him again, but we put out rat poison for him. He was HUGE must have been like 9 inches from nose to the beginning of his tail, not counting how long his tail was. He looked like a ferret somewhat and moved real quick. The rats and mice wouldnt be such a problem here if people (namely the girls who find the cats cute and adorable) would stop feeding the cats. The cats on base are here to catch mice and rats not to be fed Starkist tuna from a can.

Anyhow, after a grueling stint down at the pier we have a day off, and will probably have tomorrow off as well. I am trying to get my laundry done here so that I can veg out the rest of the day tomorrow.

Take care

## and a wake up

Hey Everyone,

Its 0222 12 Jan 2005. ## days and a wake up until I find myself in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I miss home so much. This place is wearing on me lately. The constant problems with being able to communicate with home, bulls$*t day in and out, traveling under the threat of attack to and from work everyday, ungrateful people I could go on and on but I think one needs to be here to gain the perspective that I have. People hate America, but they want our money when bad things happen, and they want it fast. People hate America, but every socialist nation in the world, cries out for the freedom we have. No one believes we are good, everything we do has a hidden agenda. Liberate the people in the tortured nation of Afghanistan from the Taliban, free the people from the grip of Saddam Hussein and his sadistic psychotic murderous family friends relatives associates thugs, and all people can say is ... they want the oil for themselves. That we kill innocent civilians and enjoy it, and look at those brave insurgents (read TERRORISTS) standing up to big bad America. THIS COMING FROM OUR OWN PEOPLE IN THE DAILY NEWSPAPER!!!! We provide millions of dollars in aid to Indonesia, the US military was among the first with BOG (boots on ground) to deliver much needed food and fresh water and medical help to that devastated area. Almost immediately. There was no hesitation to display our goodwill and the kindness of the American people. Yet we are "stingy" and only seek to subvert their culture as well, to convert them to Christianity, and that we'd better get the hell out of there because the Tsunami was an act of Allah because the Indonesian people were not islamic enough.

Now here in Kuwait. Kuwaiti military servicemembers plotting against American warriors while we train their forces to defend themselves. Kuwaiti police officers murdered because they were hunting al-qaeda who were Kuwaiti nationals, and targeting Americans and American warriors serving in Kuwait. Do these people suffer from amnesia? Did we not save their country from the brutality of the Iraqi regime? Do I not every day walk out of my tent and look at the wall where Kuwaiti officers were EXECUTED by the fedayeen!!!

Each day I drive to work expecting some crazed islamofacist to attempt to bring jihad to me and my shipmates. Expecting us to be weak and to cower in fear of them. I can guarantee you we will not, I WILL NOT! THEY ARE BUT A LION WHOSE TEETH AND CLAWS HAVE BEEN REMOVED. All bark and no bite yet they are glorified and we are slandered. They brutally murder our citizens by sawing off their heads in the most inhumane fashion ever, and when justice is brought to them they are martyrs. Yet when the ugliness of war is brought to light it is not the enemy is who is ridiculed and torn apart in the public eye. It is the American warrior, and reservists at that who support America not only with their blood and sweat, but their skills as a civilian.

So ## days and a wake up, and I can begin to return my life. To MY COUNTRY where I can sleep under the blanket of freedom provided by the men and women who will continue to stand the watch. To my beautiful wife and daughter, family and friends. To my job. To my church.

Fly your flag folks, fly it proudly. Never forget our men and women here. Continue to show the kindness and generosity, and compassion that America is known for. Live free. Think for yourself.


Friday, January 07, 2005

NCHB1 Deploys for humanitarian assistance

See folks this is the kind of thing I am talking about. We are experts when it comes to moving any kind of cargo. The fact that NCHB1 is heading there now shows that we know our stuff, and other know it too. So much for the miliary "not knowing disaster relief".

Navy Cargo Handling Battalion to Assist Tsunami Relief Effort

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Git 'er Done !!!!

I haven't posted anything about the Tsunami in the Indian ocean and Indonesian area, partly because I don't want to be one of those bloggers who constantly blogs about current events. Not that it is bad, but its not for me. There isn't a day that doesn't go by that I can turn on the news and hear about all the bad stuff going on in the world. Nothing good. With regards to the tsunami, the US Military has been called upon to take part. A full Carrier Strike Group has been called upon to provide relief assistance. Yet MSM and the UN think we are "stingy" and "do not have experience in disaster relief". If you check out the link for the Carrier Strike Group, you can imagine the amount of money it costs to send one to do a job, and the amount of people, and equipment required. This cost mind you is not included in the $350 Million in aid that we will be providing but in addition to. I'm proud to serve in the heart of Navy Logistics at NAVELSF (Naval Expeditionary Logistics Support Force) we know how to move cargo, and move it efficiently. Those skills, meshed with the human desire to help, and the vast resources of the US, and its military (food, water, equipment, personnel) proves to be the most effective disaster relief group ever. IMHO (in my humble opinion :) to say nothing for the UN and its group of acronym soup of committees of people who are out of touch with reality.

As for us here in Kuwait, we're continuing on with our mission. We'll be home to our families in about ## days. It is getting warmer here which is nice...although I shouldn't complain my wife said it was -4 degrees at her parent's house in northern WI. :)

Take care,

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year....for real!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone!!!

I got up just in time to be able to call my wife. It was about 5 min til midnight here. The Kuwaitis / Bedouin people have been lighting fireworks off since dark (which around here comes at 1800) and I climbed the second guard tower here by the corner of our base to see the finale. Everywhere I could see in a 180 degree span I saw fireworks lighting up the sky, professional grade fireworks mind you. The kind that should be handled only by professionals. These fireworks were in the hands of mere mortal people. Which was scary, cause it seemed that everyone had them and was lighting them off in their back yard. Nonetheless though it was an impressive display of fireworks, and noise. The noise is what makes the guys in the guard towers kind of nervous at night as it would me too. You hear explosions and the ground shakes, and sometimes if you weren't watching the fireworks you would swear we were under attack. You can hear sounds of "celebratory gunfire" that always makes for an adrenaline filled few moments.

Yesterday 31 December we worked pretty hard, and earned our paycheck yesterday. I have to work again today so I will be going back to sleep here to get up in a few hours for breakfast. Working on New Year's day :) I don't think I've ever done that before, but the mission goes on.

Have a safe and happy new year celebration everyone.