Friday, March 11, 2005

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

For some time there has been discussion on the creation of separate campaign medals for various operations in the all encompassing Global War on Terrorism. The GWOTEM and GWOTSM medals respectively were supposed to cover all operations now and in the future, but the instruction from DOD would only allow the medals to be issued once with no service stars for subsequent issuances as with a medal such as the National Defense Service Medal. Veterans and current servicemembers felt that this was in adequate and petitioned Congress to push legislation for the creation of separate campaign medals for Afghanistan and Iraq. The fruits of which are seen below. I have not been able to find an instruction guiding the issuance and eligibility criteria, when I do I will link to it here.

Operation Enduring Freedom Campaign medal. For service in Afghanistan. Created by Presidential Executive Order on 29 November 2004. Expect guidance from DOD on issuance and eligibility criteria. Posted by Hello