Thursday, March 17, 2005


Remember how you felt on Christmas Eve when you went to bed, on the
day before the last day of school? How you couldn't wait for
tomorrow. One would think that we'd be having feelings like that
here, but you don't. The only feeling is ... the absence of feeling.
I feel kind of numb. I took a break last night early in the morning
like 1 - 2 am and just sat outside for a few minutes in Cookie's
Chair... and just thought about where I am. With the constant
communication to home it seems that I haven't been that far away, but
I really am. I am so ready to go home I don't know what to do with
myself. I walk around the base, and look at things and think about
how long I have been here. It seems like home but it isn't. I don't
have that antsy feeling like I thought I would. I miss my wife and
daughter tremendously and would rather be with them than here, but
it's just something that I'm going through I guess.

I wish that all of Bravo were standing down at the same time, that way
we could all hang out together, that would make this time more
memorable in my opinion, but that's the problem you have when you are
not getting a relief, rather just packing up and leaving. No one to
turn over too, which means they can keep you working until they choose
to say you are done. It is really a shame because it is rubs people
on the 2nd wave the wrong way. I am busy packing my bags and getting
my final package to mail out tomorrow, checking in my sleeping bag and
all that good stuff :) One final trip to the laundry trailer to wash
everything before I pack it up. I've got some disposable cameras that
I am going to burn up since I don't have a digital camera any more :(
... I'm just glad that we didn't have to move into the CMU buildings.
The F.A.N. smell in there is horrible I'm told :) at least they got
something right :)