Thursday, March 10, 2005

The End is Near

Well, the time is coming close to where we will have to move out of our tents :( the H row of Camp Patriot is scheduled for were the rest of the tents... but we've been fighting the establishment to keep them until we go home. The Tent Camp is now almost gone ... it is so weird to see it now like it is. Everywhere I go I see new faces, new Army, new Navy... and a lot of the old faces are gone.. which means it is about time for us to go too :) hopefully soon.

It rained this evening, pretty hard, and out of now where. Thunderstorm weather, heavy down pouring rain, heavy winds. For about an hour then it was gone.

The Laundry trailers were working tonight too... that's a pleasant surprise. Considering every other time I went to wash my clothes late at night when no one else is doing that... they didn't work, no water, or all the wash machines were turned off.